Images taken from of CrossFit Heroes with Tribute WODs.

CrossFit is known for high-intensity, constantly varied workouts that push your physical and mental limits. Among these workouts, the “Hero WODs” hold a special place. These workouts are dedicated to honoring the memory and sacrifice of fallen military and first responders. At CrossFit Crusade, we rotate over 20 Hero WODs that we repeat annually. In this blog, we will explore why Hero WODs are essential to CrossFit and our Crusade programming, highlighting their significance in the CrossFit community as a whole.

Honoring Heroes

One of the most compelling reasons why Hero WODs are so important is that they serve as a way to honor and pay tribute to the individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and community. Each Hero WOD is named after a specific person, a military member or first responder, who lost their life in the line of duty. These workouts provide a powerful, tangible connection to these heroes, ensuring their memory lives on. When the workout gets tough, we remember the heroes who gave everything while we are giving only a piece of ourselves.

Building Camaraderie and Virtuosity

CrossFit Crusade is more than a gym; we are a community. This is why we put Hero WODs into our daily programming: to create a sense of unity and solidarity among our members. When athletes tackle these challenging workouts together, they are reminded of the dedication, sacrifice, and teamwork displayed by the heroes they honor. CrossFit is built on virtuosity, the ability to do the common, uncommonly well. This means we are not just doing an air squat but perfecting an air squat. Hero WODs force us to focus on our movement execution to emphasize virtuosity and integrity throughout our reps.

Mental Toughness and Testing Progress

Hero WODs are known for their intensity and difficulty. They often involve a combination of high-volume movements, heavy weights, and challenging time domains. Completing a workout like this will require mental toughness and perseverance, both of which are qualities crucial to CrossFit and real-life situations. Our coaches will scale the workout and movements as needed for athletes, but the stimulus will stay the same: intense and difficult. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Hero WODs also serve as a benchmark for assessing our progress over time. As you see in the classic benchmark workouts of CrossFit, Hero WODs are meant to be repeated. Athletes can track their performance in these workouts, pushing to improve their scores annually and overall fitness. This tangible measure of progress provides motivation and helps us reach our goals.

Hero WODs are an integral and cherished part of the CrossFit experience. They pay homage to the heroes who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country and community. We at CrossFit Crusade hope these workouts are a powerful tool to honor heroes, build community, and show you that you can push through anything we set your mind to.