Exercise plays a critical role in your overall health and well-being. When you prioritize exercise, the benefits to your daily life are immeasurable. Our community at CrossFit Crusade is here to help you make life-long changes to your habits that will help you live a long and healthy life.

In this blog, we will explore some steps you can take to get into the habit of working out and help you stick with it. If you know someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit or starting a new exercise routine, share this with them! We can all recognize that creating healthy habits takes work, but it is always worth it in the end.

Start Small and Set Clear Goals

We always encourage our athletes to start small to make the transition into starting CrossFit manageable and accessible. Yes, as much as I would love to see you in the gym six days a week, your body needs rest and recovery. Beginning athletes should start with three workouts per week and then progress to five or more days as they see fit.

Athletes who are just beginning should also find manageable, specific, and timely goals to shoot for. For example, if you’re starting CrossFit after not having any exercise routine in recent years, a great beginning goal is simply to attend class three times per week for three months. On top of that, maybe you set a goal to add weight to graduate from an empty barbell to add weight to your clean and jerk.

Your goals should be specific to you and match your skill level. You will develop new skills through consistency, and your goals can become specific to the movements we do in class. For example, setting the target of a 200-pound back squat or doing your first pull-up are specific goals that will drive you to work hard daily.

Grinding and seeing results is all part of the fun! As you hit your goals, try establishing a reward system to celebrate your achievements. Buy yourself new CrossFit shoes at the three-month mark, or take your dream vacation after your one-year CrossFit anniversary! Celebrate yourself and all of the hard work that you are doing.

Schedule Your Workouts, Find a Buddy, and Mix It Up

Another way to make fitness a habit is to treat your workouts like any other appointment or meeting. By setting specific times for exercise, you can start to build consistency. Put your class times on your calendar in advance and treat them as a non-negotiable appointment.

Find a buddy to work out with. This can be someone outside the gym or a new friend you met in class. Having a workout partner who can provide motivation and accountability will make you less likely to skip a workout. Soon enough, you’ll find that your fellow athletes in your scheduled class time will also hold you accountable. Don’t be surprised when they ask you to explain yourself after a missed class!

Lastly, we push our athletes to find activities they enjoy outside CrossFit. It’s a fun way to use your fitness and stay in-shape doing something active that you enjoy. If you’re into cycling, dance, or flag football, make time for those things. Three days of CrossFit and two days of cycling sounds like a great five-day plan to me!

Have Fun

At CrossFit Crusade, we aim to make our classes as enjoyable as possible. Pushing yourself to new limits alongside your community can be the source of inspiration and enjoyment you need! We understand that establishing a workout routine can be challenging, but you can make CrossFit a habit with the above strategies and commitment to the process.

Surround yourself with the right people who are also working hard. Don’t get discouraged when life gets unpredictable and you miss a day or a week. You’re ready and prepared to dive back in head first because CrossFit trains us for the unknown and the unknowable.