As we age, maintaining good bone health becomes increasingly important. Beyond a balanced diet, weightlifting is an effective method to enhance bone density.

At CrossFit Crusade, we pride ourselves on our inclusive programming centered around weightlifting and mastering the art of lifting. We challenge the stereotype that weightlifting is exclusive to the younger generation and strive to demonstrate its benefits to our diverse community of athletes.

Aging brings about a natural decline in bone density. This process, known as osteopenia (reduced bone density), which progresses to osteoporosis (severely reduced bone density), increases the risk of fractures and bone-related conditions. Osteoporosis is characterized by the weakening of bones, which can lead to a high risk of fractures. Fractures happen because the density and quality of the bone are reduced. Usually, bones are strong and dense and resist impact. But as we age, osteopenia, and ultimately osteoporosis, makes bones porous and brittle. The onset of osteopenia becomes very dangerous because there aren’t typically symptoms until a fracture occurs. Right away, when beginning your lifting journey or becoming aware of your bone health, athletes should make sure they are maintaining a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D while avoiding risk factors like smoking, obesity, and excessive alcohol consumption.

It is essential to be proactive in your health. By adding in weightlifting and weight-bearing exercises, athletes subject their bones to mechanical stress, promoting bone remodeling. When an athlete, especially one who is older, begins to lift, their body recognizes the need for sturdier bones and begins to reinforce the bone structure through remodeling. Remodeling makes their bones dense and less prone to fracture. By doing CrossFit, these athletes also improve the musculature surrounding the bones and provide additional support, reducing falls or fractures.

At CrossFit Crusade, we believe in empowering you to take control of your health. As you age, we want you to feel confident and capable, ready to tackle any challenge. Regular weightlifting, coupled with a balanced diet, can significantly enhance your bone health. Over time, consistency will help you maintain a healthy weight, manage chronic conditions, reduce the risk of injury, and improve balance and posture.